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Prologue 1
December 3rd, 2008

Prologue 1

Welcome to the relaunch of my comic Death and the Maiden!

The relaunch was made in order to transfer the comic into a weblog. Within one year, the whole story will be published, one strip a day. Because of its regular updates, there will be NO Twitter comments or feeds. You can still add me to your Twitter contacts, but only updates of D&M part 2 will be announced there. If you want to get informed about part 1, please subscribe to the RSS feeds of this blog.

Yes, there is already a sequel to this story, which may seem a little odd, since this story is not even “finished”. Actually, it is. This comic has been online for many years. I decided to re-publish it in order to attract more and new readers.

The whole story is packed with hints and references. Whenever this occurs, I will give you the related background information.

Since the whole Death & Maiden section has once been part of my website Cartoon Tomb and there are a few pages that have not been transferred to the blog yet, you can still find them in their old place, along with the old layout. You’ll find the links to those pages in the right side-bar under “Misc”. Be warned that you will leave the blog by clicking there – not that anything spectacular happens then, but the layout slightly changes along with the linkbar. You can always come back though by clicking “part 1″.

Have any questions? Try the FAQ or send me a message!

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