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Prelude to Death and the Author 4
January 31st, 2009

Prelude to Death and the Author 4

Some of those who have known the comic before July 2005 will remember this part a little differently.

Originally, the author had a name, it was a reference to a living person. The agency of said author, however, was not pleased by the way I pictured him and therefore I had to anonymize the whole thing.

Just in case you wondered what this is all about, why I keep telling such a long winded story about some nameless author – he is not. Nameless. In fact, he’s a rather famous writer who has produced an enormous amount of short stories and novels.
Also, there used to be a lot of quotations from his short stories within my story – they all had to go. I kept the general idea of what was said, but changed the words, so that I couldn’t be sued for copyright conflict or whatever. The only thing that I kept was the title of his short story, “Death and the Maiden”, since this is a commonly used title that can be and has been used by many creatives for centuries.

If you DO recognize who this person might be, you must either have know the comic for a long time, or you’re a die-hard fan of his books and know everything by heart.


  1. Terra

    Sounds like a great book. Is it as funny as she makes it out to be? Could you tell me the author’s name so I could find the story?

  2. Natalie

    I had to work really hard to find the original story, but it’s wonderful and I’m very grateful.

  3. barryhaworth

    Yes, I very much enjoyed the story. Not a funny story at all. Rather sweet if anything – and which makes the same point made in this thread (though in a different way). In my case I read it years ago when I was growing up.

    Good old Brad Raybury.

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