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A prompter in Time 4
June 17th, 2009

A prompter in Time 4

In case you are confused by the last picture of this episode (a completely different person sitting behind the desk and the sign which previously indicated FIRST AID now reads PORTER instead) – you are so right. Be confused!

Actually this is a wanted inconsistency and you can assume that the red-haired grinning doctor that so explicitly indicated what should be done in the current situation (which the girl understands, of course, but she doesn’t seem to wonder why this guy seems to know so many details in the first place) is not your ordinary first-aid medic.
Yet, the answer to this riddle will not be given any time soon. You can guess it, though, since there are several hints within the episode, as to who this person might be (even in his own words!) – just keep in mind that this story is full of allegories.


  1. imWACC0

    A questionable Dr. Who knows about time
    Now who could that be?

  2. Nina

    I take it that this question is merely a rhetorical one? ;-)

  3. Terra

    Oh my God, he’s Time personified. Am I right? Because he says ‘Time heals all things’ and fixed her arm from behind the counter, his newspaper says ‘The Times’, ans time changes everyone is why he’s different behind the counter, right? Or else… or else Time is messing with her a little bit.

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