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The revelation 4
August 7th, 2009

The revelation 4

As I promised, here’s the flimsy explanation for the rear window.

Everything’s possible with a little fantasy. I had already drawn this pokies online for real money picture and filled in the text, when in came to my attention that this was in fact the key to my little ‘problem’.
And in fact, you have to show me some good proof why it shouldn’t be possible for a skilled mechanic to fix this car together with bits and pieces of several other Beetles.

I wouldn’t have needed this ‘explanation’ in order to relax. But since it came along so easily, I take it as a good excuse. :-)


  1. Damoinion

    As the skilled mechanic in question, having had experience with these cars, it is physically impossible to create any form of one piece wind down window that could recess all the way down without projecting into the wheel arch. On the other hand, having a certain amount of experience in customizing cars, I see no reason that it could not have a 2 or 3 piece glass fitted or perhaps a hinge and fold setup to lower the glass down the inside and swing into the passenger footwell. Seeing as this would be a custom car, there is no reason that it could not be a clear vinyl window on a roller even. Take your pick, all above options could be done plus some others.
    Unfortunately, all these options assume that the collector who assembled the car was not the purist you would first expect from someone undertaking that kind of project. The closest I recall is a version with windows that hinged open a few cms by means of a winder handle.

  2. Nina

    Interestingly enough, there are people who call themselves “purists” yet do exactly that. I know a guy who is a fan of 1960s Beetles and refuses to collect any type older or newer, but he builds his own “individual” cars, jubmling bits and pieces of the decade in question.

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