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Death’s new clothes 1
December 2nd, 2009

Death’s new clothes 1

The Phantom of the OperaIt is certainly not Count Dracula that Death impersonates, but The Phantom of the Opera. Here’s the next clue that was given by the movie posters.

First of all, the finale takes place in a theatre (and if you look VERY close, you’ll see a little lyra on the rooftop of the theatre building – another tiny reference to the Phantom).
Secondly, the costume of Death, of course. There is one simple reason why I made him wear a costume: The following scenes would have been much less impressive had Death kept his boring old cowl on. I had to add little changes to the Mask, though. In Gaston Leroux’ novel, it’s described as covering the whole face, but being black. That would have been too dark, regarding the already black cape.

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  1. Anonymous

    is it wrong if I find him handsomely dashing in that costume?

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