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Epilogue 6
December 31st, 2009

Epilogue 6

The ghost & Mrs. MuirFinally, the last clue. This is one of the few movies that make me cry for hours every time I watch them. Which is the reason why I hardly ever do so, because only thinking about it makes my eyes fill with tears. Even though it is mostly a funny and romantic movie, the last 10 Minutes are so heart rending, that I wouldn’t call it a comedy by any means.

The connection to D&M is the basic construction. As I said – mainly funny, but taking a severe twist at the end. The movie is much more dramatic, of course, but in consequence also happier, because unlike Death and the Maiden, the Ghost and Mrs. Muir finally get together.

If you’ve read along and still like it, you might want to go and continue reading the sequel, Death and the Maiden 2. That story is designed much more like a movie or a novel, less like a cartoon, which means that there is definitely less slapstick humour and more plot. If you don’t want this, you might also decide to stop right here. Thanks for reading either way! :-)


  1. shade

    Have already read it. And I like it. :) All your story (both parts) is the most interesting comic story I’ve ever read (and not only comic). It’s a pity that I know English not so well as I want to know and can’t write a good comment, just know: it’s one of my favourite things that I’m intresting in! One of the reasons, as you already said, that it’s “and funny, and dramatic”. :) Thank you for it.
    And Happy New Year, of course! :)

  2. eM

    Thank you for making time to draw this great comic! I liked it very much.

    I’m reading part two also, and the only complaint I have is that it updates not fast enough. I want more! :D

  3. Veronica

    This is by far my most favourite webcomic to read without question. I’m very sad that I won’t have this Part to read inbetween your updates for Part II. Alas, somehow I’ll survive ;) I think what sets your comic apart from most that exist solely on the web is that you put so much care, thought, and most importantly heart into it. I encourage you to think about publishing it, because this is one I actually would buy! Thanks for sharing your work with us, keep up the great work with Part II and Happy New Year!! =)

  4. Nina

    A big thanks to you all!

  5. Rodge

    Ah, I remember reading this way back in 2004 or so. Rereading it, I wasn’t sure if it’d hold the same appeal to me as it did six years ago, but I found myself falling in love with the story and the characters all over again. Thank you for such a wonderful comic, and I’m off to read the sequel! :D

  6. unka

    one of my favourire webcomics (:
    greetings from poland!

  7. jlp

    Wow… stumbled on this one by accident and I’m very glad I did. Outstanding story, character development, and artwork. I can’t wait to dive into part two!

  8. aqua

    i found this a while ago but didn’t get through it for what ever reason, im glad i found it again it was a nice story

  9. bridalshowerblog

    A pessimist is a man who has been compelled to live with an optimist.

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