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The Comic
This is a funny/romantic story about Death incarnate pursuing a young woman who stubbornly refuses to succumb to him. Inevitably, the two of them start liking each other and even an innocent romance starts to develop - which of course is doomed right from the beginning, since it is and always will be Death's foremost aim to take the Maiden's life. The motif of 'Death and the Maiden' originates in late Middle Age paintings and remains popular throughout the centuries until today. The topic has a very strong romantic to erotic component right from the beginning (see Niklaus Manuel Deutsch, Hans Baldung Grien) and is not only adapted in painting but also poetry, music (Franz Schubert) and drama (Ariel Dorfman). I have hidden some references within my story, which will be explained along the way.

The Author
My name is Nina Ruzicka, I was born in 1972 in Vienna (Austria), but I am not residing there anymore. My first publication was a cartoon series for a women's magazine that appeared successfully for over 5 years. My second series, Death and the Maiden, was created for internet publication on the website of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and appeared from 2001-2004. Due to readers demands, a sequel was created in 2005 which is still a work in progress. Both series are meanwhile published on my own website (in their original German language) and translated into English by myself along with the help of several native speakers and volunteers. However, it is likely that there are flaws in the English translation, so if you ever spot one, please don't hesitate to reach out via Twitter.

© Nina Ruzicka