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I don't get this comic. What's it with parts 1 and 2?
Death and the Maiden was originally published from 2001 to 2004 and is a complete and finished story. My readers wanted to get more, hence the sequel. The original story is part 1, the sequel is part 2.
Part 1 has already been published. What you see here is a relaunch, to catch more new readers.
Part 2 is still a work in progress and a relaunch is coming soon.

What do you mean with "the original version" of this comic?
The German one. I am from Austria, therefore my native language is German. And no, Austria is not part of Germany, we just share the same language. Just like the USA are not part of Great Britain, even though US-Americans speak English. ;-)

Does the Maiden have a real name?
Yes, it gets revealed in the second half of the story. Those who are familiar with the first part of Death & Maiden should already know it, all new readers will have to wait.
She obviously has a last name as well, but that one is not important for the plot and will therefore not be mentioned.

Who is this little guy in the red sweatshirt?
You'll find this question explained under characters.

I have found a mistake in the cartoon - should I tell you?
YES! I am not an English native speaker, so naturally, there will be mistakes! I'd like to have the translation as good as possible, though, so if you're a linguist and would like to change a phrase or correct the grammar - please contact me!
If you find an error in the drawings, you can also tell me. I'm always eager to get a response. You can reach out via Twitter.

Are there other language versions of this comic?
Yes, a Russian. There used to be a Slovenian and an Italian translation as well, but the projects died since the sites have been discontinued.

Were you influenced by Terry Prattchet's DEATH or The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy or ....?
Neither nor. I can with full honesty say that I've never ever read one of Pratchett's DEATH-novels. As a matter of fact, I haven't even read one of his diskworld novels, only started with the first book but stopped after 30 pages or so. To tell you the truth: I'm not a big fan of fantasy. I do plan, however, to read some DEATH-novels, as soon as I've finished my own story. I'm a bit peculiar when it comes to truth and lies, I want to keep saying until the end that I haven't been influenced by Pratchett, and in order to be truthful I must not read the books.
As for Billy & Mandy: Since our cable service stopped broadcasting Cartoon Network around the beginning of the year 2000, I've never even heard of the TV-cartoon series until December 2005. Since then, I have watched a bunch of episodes which I found on the internet, and I found them mildly amusing but not related to my comic at all. As a matter of fact, I've spied several episodes that were clearly ripp-offs of old "Beetlejuice" TV-cartoon episodes, and still being a great fan of that show, I wasn't pleased with this at all. Anyway: I started my series Death & the Maiden at the beginning of 2001, and from what I've learned Billy & Mandy started off around the same time. No influence is therefore possible, since my storyline was already fixed by the time the show aired in the US.
The only influence I fully admit is a sketch from a British/US-comedy show named Assaulted Nuts, in which Death appears, and you will know this Death if you've seen The bogus adventures of Bill and Ted because not only is it the same actor (William Sadler) who's playing Death in this movie but he's also wearing the same make-up and outfit! However, the influence I got was not by said movie but really by this one little sketch. Which all in all wasn't even that funny. But the way Death acted there (like a stubborn, bad tempered child), yes, that certainly influenced my Death a great deal. :-)

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