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Chapter 27 (Strip 06)
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Finally, the last clue. The ghost and Mrs. Muir is one of the few movies that make me cry for hours every time I watch them. Which is the reason why I hardly ever do so, because only thinking about it makes my eyes fill with tears. Even though it is mostly a funny and romantic movie, the last 10 Minutes are so heart rending, that I wouldn't call it a comedy by any means.

The connection to D&M is the basic construction. As I said - mainly funny, but taking a severe twist at the end. The movie is much more dramatic, of course, but in consequence also happier, because unlike Death and the Maiden, the Ghost and Mrs. Muir finally get together.

If you've read along and still like it, you might want to go and continue reading the sequel, Death and the Maiden 2. That story is designed much more like a movie or a novel, less like a cartoon, which means that there is definitely less slapstick humor and more plot. If you don't want this, you might also decide to stop right here. Thanks for reading either way! :-)

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